Emergency declared in NYC as rainwater swallows streets

NYC leaders are alarming citizens about the all-over spread of flooding situations as heavy rainfall continues to flood the area, initiating several problems for transit and normal life. The New York City Emergency Management Department announces travel counseling for everyone on Friday and Saturday morning, insisting on attention and preparedness. “All New Yorkers are advised to be ready for caution,” said NYC Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol. “If you want to travel, go with public transportation and always keep some extra travel time, and if you are willing to drive, do not go into flooded roadways. If you are in a basement apartment, especially in a flood-prone area, be ready to move to higher ground.” Subway services have been hugely affected, with multiple lines being blocked due to flooding on tracks. Big roads, including the FDR Drive and Central Park transverses, have been shut down due to flooding, making commutes extremely tough. LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal A was shut down after water flooded inside the building, causing problems for people. To be ready for the huge emergency, the city has planned a flash flood plan, with crews to keep a check on catch basins and roads in flood-affected areas. Governor Kathy Hochul has announced a state of emergency for affected areas regarding the importance of precautionary measures. As part of the safety measures, the city released a list of tips for residents: Allow for extra transport time and go with public transportation if possible. When driving, do so slowly and use big streets or highways. Don’t go towards flooded streets and subway stations. Keep a check on sensitive people, like older adults and people with disabilities. Stay informed with emergency alerts and updates from the city. The ongoing rain and flooding are said to continue until Saturday morning, with a flood warning in effect for the whole tri-state area. Rainfall rates of 1-2 inches per hour are expected, with major areas assuming up to 5-8 inches before the storm diminishes. Due to the saturated soil from previous rain, very heavy flooding and flash flooding conditions are present. When the city’s alert teams are on standby to notice any problems, people are said to take important precautions, chiefly during their morning travel. The MTA has blocked many subway lines, and stoppages in service are probable in flood-affected places. People are said to keep informed with the help of channels like Notify NYC and Twitter (@NotifyNYC) for emergency notices and news. Regarding the situation, the rain is said to stop by Saturday morning.

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